4 Principles

Universal Electrical is excited to offer you our services. We operate with four simple principles.

  1. Safety of your staff and our staff is always the first priority.
  2. Our responsiveness will set us apart.
  3. Deliver above customer expectations on every task, large or small.
  4. Provide suitable solutions that match our valued customer’s needs and interact with all points of contact in a positive, respectful and professional manner.


Nothing is more important to us than the safety and well being of our own technicians. We all have families to get home to after our daily work tasks are completed. We are committed to safety and we do what it takes to ensure our employees are as well. Unannounced site spot checks and a rewards system help make safety a priority at Universal Electrical Services.


Universal Electrical Services will provide free estimates or budgets on every task requested. This allows pricing expectations to be met and operational budgets to be kept in check. Our hourly rate is $55 – $75 plus applicable taxes and is based on type of work and volume of requests . Overtime rates are applied when necessary and emergency calls are charged at double time.

We believe in transparent billing practices, as we are interested in long term business relationships built on trust and value. We will adhere to our customer’s billing style requests as required.


Universal Electrical is aware of our customer’s need for rapid solutions to their electrical requirements. When an issue arises or maintenance is performed we understand that we play a part in your ability to operate without disruption and we take this responsibility seriously.
Size of job: We believe all jobs are equally important. We constantly strive for complete satisfaction on all aspects of our business relationship with you. We realize that a simple ballast or lamp change can affect the way that work is being performed in your organization. We are also ready to mobilize for an emergency at a moments notice, utilizing our trade expertise and leveraging our vast contact base when required.

Professionalism, respect and positivity

Universal Electrical is aware of the current standards found in the trades. We believe that the current level of professionalism and respect that are being delivered in the various trade driven businesses can be greatly improved. When we started our company  we all agreed that we enjoy connecting in a positive way with any person that we encounter in our daily tasks. We have made a decision to be different and we believe that this will positively affect your staff and business operations.

We look forward to the opportunities that you may offer us.